Wiper Worx wiper blades suitable for Mercedes Benz GLA-Class 2014-2015 (X156) Wiper Blades



Mercedes Benz GLA-Class 2014-2015 (X156) Wiper Blades


Premium Quality Wiper Blades for your car. Upgrade your Mercedes Benz GLA-Class 2014-2015 (X156) Wiper Blades for clear vision, improved safety and drive in complete comfort. Easy to install, replace your old wipers in seconds. Wiper blades that fit perfectly and look great. Our perfect fitment guarantee ensures the fitment of Mercedes Benz GLA-Class 2014-2015 (X156) Wiper Blades purchased for your GLA-Class will fit as promised.

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If your wipers are squeaking, smearing, juddering, or just flat out not working, there may be a few different reasons why. Some of the more common problems include:

  • Torn wiper blades: Your car’s rubber wiper blades are designed to remove rain, snow, dirt and debris with ease. When they tear, the rubber fixture underneath the plastic strip becomes loose, trapping in dirt that can reduce visibility. Torn wipers can also scratch and damage your windscreen, so it’s important to replace them as soon as possible.
  • Cracked wiper blades: Exposed to the elements, rubber wiper blades can perish and dry out, with small cracks appearing on the edges. When this happens, you’ll notice streaks and squeaks, as the rubber is no longer flexible enough to make efficient contact with the windscreen.
  • Damaged wiper arm: If one side of the windscreen is dirty, or there’s a screeching noise when you turn your wipers on, then it could be because one of the arms has become damaged.

Remember, our troubleshooting guide has plenty of hints and tips to help if your wipers aren’t working as they should.

Generally, wiper blades last between six and 12 months, although they can last longer depending on how often they’re used.

You should also get in the habit of cleaning them every three months. Dirt and grime can gather under the blades, which corrodes the rubber and can potentially damage your windscreen. Running a clean cloth along the wiper blades every three months will help keep them grime free and protect both your windscreen and wipers.

Check out our handy guide for more tips on how to care for your wiper blades.

Generally, rear window wipers are a lot smaller than those used at the front of the car. And while a lot of cars have the same style of wipers on both the front and back, some cars use a model-specific rear wiper, with the arm and blade integrated into one unit.

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