What is the delivery time?

All orders are sent by Australia Post Express within 1 business day of your order, delivery times will vary between 2-7 days.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free to your address anywhere in Australia.

When will you send my order?

All wipers are dispatched within 24 hours of your order and sent by Australia Post.

Can I fit the wipers myself?

- Yes, Wiperworx wipers come ready to install yourself, please see a short video on how to install the common hook wiper

I can't find my vehicle on your site?

No problem! Please contact us with your vehicle details and we will happily assist.

How often should I replace my wipers?

We recommend replacing your wipers when you notice streaks or shuddering from your current wipers.

There was a problem with my order, can you help?

If you have received an incorrect order or your wiper sizes don't match your vehicle, please contact us within 7 days of your order and we will happily send you a replacement set.